Grow Kids’ Appreciation for Local Food – Additional Resources

Grow Kids' Appreciation for Local Food

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There are so many opportunities to get involved with youth-focused farm and garden programs. Here are just a few examples across Canada that could use your support or provide more information on how to inspire the next generation to get involved in agriculture.

A Rocha Canada 

This religious nonprofit is based in Surrey, BC, but has projects across the country. Youth-focused garden projects are designed not just to get kids into the garden, but also to help them care about environmental conservation.


More than 3,000 schools have been transformed into gardens and green learning spaces by this group in Toronto. 

Food Secure Canada

This is an alliance of organizations and individuals promoting food security, access to healthy and safe food, and sustainable food systems. Their Coalition for Healthy School Food is currently seeking $1 billion in government support. 

LifeCycles Project

For two decades, this project in Victoria, BC, has been running school programs and community gardens to make kids enthusiastic about agriculture. 

Santropol Roulant 

A community food hub in Montreal, its mission is to protect food security and improve intergenerational farming. Notable projects include McGill University’s 1,000-square-foot Edible Campus.

Urban Farm of Spryfield 

Located in Halifax, this organization is dedicated to maintaining a healthy heritage by preserving rural traditions in urban centres. It shows children and communities how to develop gardening skills.

 Young Agrarians 

Founded in 2012, this network of farmers, kids, and young adults includes more than 5,000 participants. They recognize the importance of getting youth into farming to protect Canada’s food safety and security.

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