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Happy Earth Day!


April 22 is Earth Day. Today’s the perfect time to learn how to live more sustainably.

Happy Earth Day! If you think April 22nd is just about school kids planting trees, think again. Today people in 192 countries are participating in Earth Day activities.

The face of climate change

This year’s theme is The Face of Climate Change. You can help build a global mosaic of photographs. Just make a sign that reads “The Face of Climate Change” and take a photo of yourself holding it. You can upload it to the Earth website

30-day challenge

Earth Day Canada is promoting a month of daily challenge actions that are simple ways we can all promote sustainability, health, and a greener planet. Their challenges include healthy green tips for your home, personal care, food, and transportation.

Check out their challenge actions at Earth Day

Green reading

Looking for more ways to live sustainably and improve the health of our planet? Check out these alive articles:

Let us know, via blog or Facebook comment, or on Twitter, what you're doing to celebrate Earth Day.



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