Hot Gear / Healthy Goods

Hot Gear / Healthy Goods

Diff Charitable Eyewear

Diff sunglasses are top quality, stylish eyewear produced and sold via a more efficient go-to- market strategy; therefore, they cost less. Plus, for every pair of sunnies sold, a pair of reading glasses is donated to someone who needs them.


The MyChelle Beauty Key 3 is a trio of skincare products with standout plant-based ingredients, including plant stem cells. The high concentration of vitamin C and the strength of the vitamin A in the two serums are super impressive. And the Sun Shield SPF 28 has a little extra something: aloe to soothe your skin during a day in the sun. Best of all, every product is cruelty free.

Ethical Bean

Ethical Bean uses only Fairtrade certified and organic coffee beans and roasts them with renewable energy from natural gas and biodiesel. Plus, each bag is stamped with a QR code so the beans’ journey can be tracked and the farm they were grown on can be identified.


Some studies suggest that indoor air can contain concentrations of certain pollutants that are five times higher than outside, affecting allergies, asthma, sleep quality, etc. Awair air quality monitors aim to fix that by giving you real-time data on your phone, via Bluetooth, on the five most important factors affecting indoor air quality: humidity, airborne chemicals, C02, temperature and dust level. Once levels are assessed, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, Awair gives you personalized recommendations that improve indoor air quality.


EverlyWell makes the lab testing process easy through an at-home sample collection process. Test results are then reviewed by a board-certified physician and uploaded to a secure online platform within a few days, where they can be viewed. Tests available include thyroid, metabolism, vitamin D and women’s health (a hormone panel test).


Maniwala makes leather-like, beautifully designed bags and accessories in California. Every item is vegan and plastic free. The most innovative material they use comes from inedible pineapple leaves that are remnants from the Philippine pineapple industry.

Want to win this bag (that’s tote-ally made of pineapple leaf fibers)?
Follow @myalivesocial on Instagram and watch for the Maniwala giveaway.

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