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Keeping Kids Busy (and Healthy) During Summer Break

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Looking for activities to keep your kids busy during the summer vacation? You’ve come to the right place.

The end of June brings a collective cheer from kids everywhere—summer vacation is here! For parents, on the other hand, it can be overwhelming to come up with activities that will keep their kids busy all summer long. The last thing parents want to hear is “I’m bored …”

Parents, if you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Outdoor activities

  • Be a tourist in your own city—check out attractions such as art galleries, museums, and science centres.
  • Camp out in your own backyard (or even your living room!) for a night.
  • Enjoy nature. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing outside—whether it’s hiking, bird watching, or having a picnic—there’s something about being in nature that makes us happier and healthier.
  • Get outside and play.
  • Go on a day trip to the country and take a horseback riding lesson.
  • Try out a new sport, such as badminton, kayaking, indoor rock climbing, or tennis.

Rainy day activities

  • Although fitness video games aren’t a better choice than playing outside, they’re great for a grey, rainy day.
  • Check out your local leisure/arts/community centre for day camps for kids. They’re often a week long and have fun themes, such as art or drama.
  • Go bowling with the whole family—make it as laid back or competitive as you want.
  • Go for a swim at your local leisure centre or indoor pool.
  • See a play, dance performance, or musical at your local theatre.
  • Try out a yoga class designed for kids.
  • Visit your local library to find a great new read.

Ongoing projects and activities

  • Go to the weekly farmers’ market and let your kids help you choose their favourite fruits and veggies


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