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Life Makeover

Your first steps to fulfillment


How do you set out to make yourself a priority? Whether it is eating healthier, exercising, or taking time just to be, you need to tap into what your spirit is yearning for.

Have you noticed how easy it is to get caught up in the rapid speed at which society is moving?

Most of us work, dash the kids from here to there, and hustle to get dinner on the table. At the end of the day, we’re often simply too exhausted to take pleasure in the free time we finally have. When it should be time for relaxation or slumber, our minds are churning and spinning out of control. It seems there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Most of us are not enjoying life the way we should.

When was the last time you took time for you? You are accountable for your life, and this means that the potential to transform it comes from within you.

What’s Important to you?

The musts in our lives always get completed; we pay the bills, we do the laundry, we get the kids to school. The maybes on the other hand, often interchangeable with the shoulds, typically get deferred to the backburner. These are things such as spending more quality time with the family, finding the time to exercise, reading that book that’s been calling your name. So the musts get done, but we frequently don’t find time for the maybes.

It’s about priorities; how do you want to live your life? We say we want more time with our families, and yet we allow ourselves to become slaves to our jobs. We say we want to have more energy, and yet exercise, nutrition, and relaxation are not priorities for us.

Make a list of your maybes. If you turn them into musts, your quality of life can take a positive turn.

You Must be a Must

How do you set out to make yourself a priority? You know what you should do to enhance your life and feel better about it. Whether it is eating healthier, exercising, or taking time just to be, you need to tap into what your spirit is yearning for. No one is going to lace up your shoes for you and make you get fit; if you want a better life, you need to start taking the baby steps in the direction of creating that life.

You can be more selfish–in a positive way. If you spend all your time looking after other people’s needs and desires, you can end up feeling stressed out or burned out. If you take the time to treat yourself as well as you do everyone else, you’ll be astounded at how your quality of life will improve.

It All Starts With you

You are the boss of your own life. Seize the reins, take control, and set yourself on the path you’ve always dreamed of. Take time to connect to yourself, and focus on what you want your life to be. If you get to know you–and take time for you–you can finally start living the only life you’ve got.

Four Easy Steps to Start Your Life Makeover

  1. Daily reminders: Write down personal goals in a day timer or on the calendar. You’ll be more likely to meet your goals if they are staring you in the face.
  2. Personal time: Schedule in me-time, especially for exercise and relaxation. For example, commit to exercise at least two days this week, and treat yourself to something special.
  3. Listen to your heart: Is there something–an activity or hobby–that you feel drawn to? Make a commitment to yourself to at least explore it. You might just find that extra something that adds a lot to your quality of life.
  4. Meal management: Plan a week’s worth of meals ahead of time, so when it’s time for dinner, you’ll already know what’s on the menu.

By taking just a few small steps at a time, you’ll reap such big rewards you won’t want to stop making you a must.



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