Litter less with the Litter Less Campaign!

Litter less with the Litter Less Campaign!

The Litter Less Campaign offers student groups a chance to investigate the environmental impact of litter, and help tackle it.

Littering is one of those problems that we’ve all heard about since kindergarten, it seems—so why isn’t it going away?

The “gateway theory” attempts to describe why litter is still a huge problem by explaining that once there is a little bit of litter (such as cigarette butts, a major source of litter, as well as other environmental problems) people are more likely to add more litter, and the cycle continues.

No matter the reason, the Litter Less Campaign, a collaboration between the Young Reporters for the Environment and the Wrigley Company Foundation, is tackling the issue with student-driven groups aged 12 to 18 in 15 countries around the world. The students will examine an issue regarding litter that’s specific to their area, such as the impact of litter on their local environment. The students will also suggest practical litter-fighting solutions. Their findings will be posted online.

Registration ends on December 23 for groups. For the rest of us, we can also help to reduce litter and single-use products!

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