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New Chapter Partners with the Vancouver Aquarium and Introduces Ocean Wise Fish Oil Supplement


Great news for environmentalists and health food buffs! New Chapter Canada has introduced the first Ocean Wise-approved fish oil supplement.

Great news for environmentalists and health food buffs alike! New Chapter Canada, the popular whole-food supplement company, has recently taken a giant step into sustainability by partnering with the Vancouver Aquarium and introducing the first Ocean Wise-approved fish oil supplement 

Ocean Wise is a national Canadian program run through the Vancouver Aquarium to rate seafood’s sustainability and recommend ethical options to the public. Their logo can be found on products in grocery stores and on restaurant menus—and now in health food stores, with the introduction of New Chapter’s fish oil supplement 

The supplement, called Wholemega, is made from 100 percent sustainably caught wild Alaskan salmon. But rather than catching salmon specifically for fish oil supplements, New Chapter’s supplement is made from the otherwise unusable parts of sustainably caught wild salmon that is intended for food and other purposes. It’s a unique solution that decreases waste and eliminates the need for additional fishing.

Mike McDermid, Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise partner relations manager, says “This collaboration is uniquely important because it extends the reach of ocean-friendly seafood choices to health products.”

Plus, New Chapter is further helping the environment by committing to donate some of the proceeds of the Wholemega sales to the Ocean Wise initiative. To learn more, check out New Chapter’s website and the Ocean Wise website.

About fish oil supplements
Fish oil supplements are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which our bodies need to take in from our diets. Although omega-3s can also be found in some nuts and seeds, fish is one of the only sources of the omega-3 DHA, renowned for its ability to support brain health. Omega-3s also support healthy cardiovascular health and help reduce inflammation. Fish oil supplements can be found at your local health food store.



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