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Mind the (plant-based) gender gap

In the UK, roughly two-thirds of vegans are women. In the US, it’s around 80 percent. Why such a discrepancy between the sexes—and is it worrying?

Josh Balk, VP of Farm Animal Protection at The Humane Society of the United States, thinks so. He says, “Historically it’s been more difficult to persuade men to give up unhealthy, animal-based foods, which has led to high rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.”

Even with celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson and Liam Hemsworth opting for plant-based diets, the male population is still lagging behind. Why does meat have a stronghold on men? Meat connotes hunting and providing—in short, old-school ideas about masculinity that are ripe to give way to new, healthy ideas.

One way to start shifting perspectives? Doesn’t hurt to share statistics about how red meat, especially in high amounts, has been linked with certain cancers and heart disease. Is steak really worth it? Men, that’s for you to decide.

What’s new in the world of plant-based yogurts?

Plant-based yogurts have come a long way since the first “soyogurt” launched in the late ’70s. There are now options not only made from soy, but also from almonds, cashews, coconut and blends of vegan superfoods for a taste anyone would love. The Pili nut (buttery and macadamia-like) and yellow pea (high in clean protein) are the latest ingredients to be pulled into the plant-based yogurt ranks.

Recently, plant-based yogurts with sky-high probiotic counts have taken center stage. Some brands have gone next level by adding prebiotics as well. Offerings with high protein content and no added sugar, carrageenan or gums are poised to take the lead when it comes to health factors.

And the taste of dairy-free yogurt? It just keeps getting thicker and creamier. Mmmm.

Yes, vegan tattoos are a thing. Where can you find them?

Tattoo fans rejoice! Vegan tattoos are gaining popularity across the U.S. and around the world. Sea Shepherd has even opened a fully vegan tattoo parlor in Amsterdam! The coolest part? The Sea Shepherd facility is donating all proceeds to their mission to save marine wildlife (if you need an excuse to go to Amsterdam, look no further!).

Plant-based tattoo aftercare products using natural oils and skin-helping vitamins and minerals are also proliferating.

For those who aren’t aware (or missed the news of Miley’s multiple vegan tattoos), the ink used in standard tattoos may contain animal products like bone char, animal glycerin, gelatin and carmine. Plus, the stencil paper typically has lanolin from sheep’s wool in it, and the moisture strip on razors can contain animal fat. Agh!

To find a vegan tattoo parlor or artist near you, try the handy search engine from the folks at

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