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Non-toxic cosmetics gain popularity


Natural, non-toxic cosmetics are becoming more popular every day, according to a recent report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The pledge
The organization has urged cosmetics companies to avoid using ingredients banned in countries with stricter regulations, avoid the use of any ingredients that may be harmful, and fully disclose their ingredients.

The last point is especially tricky when it comes to the term “fragrance,” which can include an immense range of ingredients, many of which are harmful. Companies often refuse to disclose the full ingredients of fragrance, claiming that it’s proprietary and may be copied by other companies if disclosed.

The good news
Since the campaign began, more than 300 companies have complied with these restrictions, with another 111 making remarkable progress. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has deemed the first group “champions” and the second group “innovators” and applauds both.

What you can do
As a consumer, you can:

Stop by your local natural health retailer to stock up on some great natural cosmetics!



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