Nontoxic Halloween makeup

Nontoxic Halloween makeup

How scary is a vampire, zombie, or witch costume on Halloween? Pretty scary, when you consider what chemicals might be lurking in the Halloween makeup!

From lead and artificial dyes to plasticizers and parabens, there can be a host of toxic chemicals found in conventional Halloween makeup. Instead, try these tips for a happy, safe Halloween.

Face paint
The Halloween makeup staple of store-bought face paint can contain parabens, formaldehyde, and heavy metals (including lead and nickel). Luckily, with a few ingredients you can find in your makeup cabinet and pantry, you can make your own nontoxic Halloween makeup.

Nail polish
Nail polish is notorious for containing phthalates, which are chemical plasticizers thought to disrupt hormones and cause reproductive toxicity. Nontoxic nail polish can be found at natural health retailers.

Lipstick can bring an entire costume together, but it too contains some scary ingredients, including lead contamination. This is especially dangerous for young children who may lick it off their lips. Choose natural lipsticks by reading the labels carefully.

Coloured contact lenses
Health Canada warns against using coloured contact lenses at Halloween, as they can cause eye injury. Contact lenses should only be worn at the advice of an eye-care professional who can assure that they fit properly.

What about masks?
Halloween masks can impede vision and breathing and aren’t recommended. Plus, the plastic can be made from PVC, a harmful plastic. Skip the masks and choose natural makeup instead.

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