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Escaping restless sleep


Tired of waking up stiff and stuffy? Take a closer look at your pillow and try a natural pillow with fillings such as buckwheat, rubber, or other natural fibres.

Tired of waking up stiff and stuffy? Take a closer look at your pillow. If your nightly repose is disturbed by dust mites, synthetic allergens, or neck and back pain, a natural pillow may help in your quest for tranquil rest.

Natural pillow fills include loose buckwheat, resilient tree-tap rubber, or cotton, wool, and kapok fibres. Whether your preference is soft or firm, fluffy or flat, natural pillows offer a range of textures and lofts to suit your needs.

Buckwheat Bliss

Buckwheat pillows have long been lauded throughout Asia for their firm, resilient, adjustable support. Loose husks within the pillow can be shifted as needed to create customized support for your head and neck.

These weighty bolsters keep your head in place while you sleep, encourage good air circulation, and will make you an instant champion in any pillow fight!

Rubber Necking

If buckwheat is too firm for your tender noggin, shredded natural rubber may be a suitable alternative. The contents can be shaped to conform perfectly to your unique proportions, but have a softer feel than their husk-filled counterparts and are fully machine-washable.

Solid natural rubber pillows are another crowd-pleaser, available in both regular and contoured forms. Natural rubber breathes well and compresses easily without losing its shape, gently cradling your head and neck at the appropriate height.

Lofty Aspirations

Natural fibres such as organic wool, organic cotton, and kapok provide varied support to weary heads. Springy organic wool regulates temperature like a charm. Organic cotton is a vegan option giving firmer support, but tends to pack down over time.

Kapok, from the tropical Ceiba or “silk cotton” tree, has the density of down, to which it is often compared. Natural fibre-filled pillows may flatten slightly with use; place them in a cool dryer with a couple of tennis balls to restore loft.

If your pillow is keeping you up at night, an organic alternative could be a dream come true.

More Pillow Talk

  • Truly organic? Inquire about both the cover and contents of your pillow and watch for synthetic materials, stain repellents, or fire retardants that may be added to organic products during manufacturing.
  • Most natural-fibre pillows can be damaged by machine washing. Understand the dos and don’ts of cleaning your new pillow before you toss it in the wash.
  • Try before you buy! Once used, pillows can rarely be returned, so choose retailers that let you test your pillow before you buy.


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