World population reaches 7 billion

World population reaches 7 billion

In a few short days, the world population will reach a staggering 7 billion people.

The world population is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Amazingly, it didn’t reach 1 billion until the early 1800s, but has been multiplying ever since, and the United Nations estimates that it will reach 8 billion by 2025. Sub-Saharan Africa is undergoing the most rapid population growth, whereas growth has actually slowed in parts of Europe and Russia.

Such a high world population contributes to many environmental concerns, such as food shortages and global climate change. Although the population in developing countries is much higher than those in developed countries, those in wealthier countries are over-consuming and are therefore contributing to climate change. Unfortunately, however, it is generally those in the poorer countries who are forced to deal with the consequences of overconsumption and food shortages.

Clearly, a global population of 7 billion requires some major overhauls to our way of living, but it’s far from impossible. Female education and empowerment can help to tackle overpopulation in developing countries, according to experts, but individuals in developed countries can also make a difference by adopting environmentally friendly lifestyle changes. The organization 7 Billion Actions offers more information.

Overall, experts explain that the growing population should serve as a call to action for everyone who lives on our shared planet.

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