Serves 4


This light and dreamy dessert is a tasty alternative to authentic Italian tiramisu. Not too sweet and made with cashew cream, it’s a contemporary version of an old favorite. This version does not include the espresso commonly found in tiramisu. Instead, it’s made with a coffee- and chocolate-flavored stout. Um, YES. It also gives the option of biscotti instead of ladyfingers, but if you’d prefer to stick more closely to tradition, there are plenty of vegan ladyfinger recipes online!

Soaking cashews in water draws out their phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. This makes for creamier results and makes nuts easier to digest. Be sure to discard the cashew soaking liquid.

In each delicious serving: 412 calories | 10 g protein | 23 g fat | 48 g carbs (16 g sugar, 3 g fiber) | 58 mg sodium

Source: The Gastronomical Growler

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