“Falager” Sliders with Smoky Tomato Sauce

Serves 4 to 6 | makes 3 1/2 cups sauce

Falafel Sliders with Smoky Tomato Sauce

“Falagers” is the nickname we gave to falafels made from legumes soaked in lager beer before cooking. Making them from scratch is a bit of a give-and-take game. Too wet, add flour. Too dry, add more water or oil. It’s all about a feeling and making sure the mixture holds together while still staying moist.

Want a heartier serving? Shape the falager mixture into burger-sized patties and, once baked, tuck each patty into a toasted bun, pita bread or lettuce wrap with avocado slices, creamy hummus and Smoky Tomato Sauce. As for any leftover Smoky Tomato Sauce, it’s delicious with pasta!

In each delicious serving of Falager (if serving 6):156 calories | 9 g protein | 2 g fat | 27 g carbs (4 g sugar, 4 g fiber) | 203 mg sodium

In each delicious 1/4 cup serving of Smoky Tomato Sauce: 42 calories | 1 g protein | 2 g fat | 6 g carbs (4 g sugar, 1 g fiber) | 171 mg sodium

Source: The Gastronomical Growler

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