Festive Nut Roast Wreath

Serves 6

Festive Nut Roast Wreath

Well, it wouldn’t be a vegan Christmas without a nut roast! Roasted in a wreath tin and topped with my cranberry sauce, it’s the perfect Christmas centerpiece.

Sage wisdom

To fry sage leaves for garnish, leave the saucepan on the heat after cooking the nut roast mixture in it. Add a couple tablespoons more of oil if there’s none left in the pan. Throw in the sage leaves and cook for 2 minutes, until crisp. Transfer the sage leaves from the pan onto a couple of sheets of paper towel to soak up any excess oil.

In each delicious serving (without optional garnishes): 469 calories | 13 g protein | 24 g fat | 59 g carbs (26 g sugar, 12 g fiber) | 332 mg sodium

Source: Your daring holiday menu

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