First Blush Iced Tea

Serves 4.

First Blush Iced Tea

Colour-wise, this is the showiest of these herbal iced teas. Its brilliant magenta hue comes from hibiscus, a plant known for its tart taste and health benefits (hibiscus tea has shown promise in lowering blood pressure in mildly hypertensive people). Strawberries curb the tang of hibiscus, especially when we take a page out of Russian tea culture and sweeten this tea with jam.


Choose jam naturally sweetened with agave or juice rather than refined sugar.

Ice queen

When you make a pot of hot tea or prep fruit for fruit salad, make a habit of setting aside a little tea or a few pieces of fruit to freeze as ice cubes so you’ve always got gorgeous ice on hand.

If you want fruit or other solids to rest in the centre of a cube, fill the ice cube tray only halfway with water or tea, add the fruit pieces, and freeze. Then fill the remainder of the tray with liquid and freeze again.

Each serving contains: 37 calories; 0 g protein; 0 g total fat (0 g sat. fat, 0 g trans fat); 8 g total carbohydrates (6 g sugars, 0 g fibre); 31 mg sodium

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