Fresh Summer Quinoa Rolls with Dipping Sauce

Serves 6.

Fresh Summer Quinoa Rolls with Dipping Sauce

These simple favourites might be fiddly to make, but after a few tries you’ll quickly get the hang of it. It’s a delicious lunchtime snack to eat while on your feet at any event. We added prawns, but you can also pack them chock full of vegetables.


Peanut allergy concerns? Substitute cashew butter for peanut butter. Any thinly shaved vegetable, from radishes to grated carrots, can be added or substituted.

Each roll with dip contains: 153 calories; 9 g protein; 7 g fat (1 g sat. fat; 0 g trans fat); 15 g total carbohydrates (2 g sugars, 3 g fibre); 120 mg sodium

Source: Street Food Chic

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