Hazelnut and Cacao Porridge with Almond Butter

Serves 2 / Ready in 10 minutes

Hazelnut and Cacao Porridge

This may seem totally self-indulgent and just a reason to eat chocolate at breakfast, but to be honest, it’s the perfect time of the day for chocolate—or rather, its source, raw cacao. The caffeine in cacao gives you a natural high, and having caffeine at this time of day won’t disrupt your sleep patterns. It helps to boost your energy for the day ahead, so jump right into this porridge knowing your chocolate cravings will be satisfied and your circadian rhythm healthily maintained.

In each delicious serving (without cacao nibs): 422 calories / 11 g protein / 19 g fat / 52 g carbs (14 g sugar, 8 g fiber) / 291 mg sodium

Source: Feed your intuition

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