Hot Minute Matcha Green Tea Latte

Serves 1 | ready in 1 minute

Hot Minute Matcha Green Tea Latte

Kiss your $5 coffee shop matchas goodbye … because after you make this matcha latte at home, you’ll never go back! All you need are five ingredients, hot water and a blender. The genius of this drink lies in blending coconut cream and cashew butter with hot water. When blended, they emulsify and trap micro air bubbles in suspension to create a latte-like foam … without the dairy!

Meet your matcha

Matcha, made from powdered green tea leaves, may help boost focus, concentration and thinking abilities. Plus, it’s a great source of polyphenols (read: high-powered antioxidants).

In each delicious serving: 170 calories | 3 g protein | 21 g fat | 10 g carbs (4 g sugar, < 1 g fiber) | 7 mg sodium

Source: Hot and cold superfood tonics

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