Linzer Torte Smoothie

Serves 3 | Ready in 45 minutes

Linzer Torte Smoothie

The classic Linzer torte will often be featured on the tables of Austrian households during the holidays. Made with a hazelnut or almond pastry, the torte is filled with a layer of red currant or raspberry jam. It’s traditionally topped with a decorative lattice of pastry. Taking inspiration from this decadent treat, this smoothie will cleverly curb your pastry cravings.

Be fancy free

If making the lattice design on top of these smoothies seems a bit fussy, try rolling the crust mixture into small balls and scattering them over the smoothie.

In each delicious serving: 299 calories | 6 g protein | 13 g fat | 43 g carbs (25 g sugar, 9 g fiber) | 54 mg sodium

Source: Smoothies for the season

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