Peruvian Quinoa Stew

Serves 4 | ready in 1 hour

Peruvian Quinoa Stew

Long, long (I mean, like, embarrassingly long) before it hit the mainstream health scene in North America, quinoa enjoyed a storied history in Central and South American kitchens as an inexpensive, nourishing and environmentally friendly protein. One of quinoa’s many famous uses is in sopa de quinoa, a recipe that varies from region to region (and cook to cook), but is usually made with quinoa, potatoes, squash and any other vegetables that might be on hand.

Superfood boost

Add 2 cups of chopped dark leafy greens—like kale or Swiss chard—to the pot in the last couple of minutes of cooking.

In each delicious serving: 254 calories | 8 g protein | 11 g fat | 34 g carbs (5 g sugar, 8 g fiber) | 589 mg sodium

Source: Superfood Soups For the Soul

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