Sablefish Fillets with Grape and Caper Salsa

Serves 4.

Sablefish Fillets with Grape and Caper Salsa

Grapes gone soft? They’ll be perfect tossed into this salsa recipe. Plus pairing salt, sweet, fat, and acid creates a delicious experience for the palate. We’ve done just that here. Spooned over seared sablefish, the results are not only flavourful, but also visually stunning!


Also known as black cod, sablefish has a high oil content, which makes it very forgiving when cooked. Pan-seared, grilled, roasted, or poached, it puffs up and slightly firms when done. The salsa is also delicious over other white fish and even grilled chicken.

Each serving contains: 515 calories; 20 g protein; 42 g total fat (9 g sat. fat, 0.2 g trans fat); 16 g total carbohydrates (12 g sugars, 2 g fibre); 397 mg sodium

Source: Inglorious Produce

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