Smashed Chickpea Salad in Avocado Boats

Serves 4.

Smashed Chickpea Salad in Avocado Boats

This classic retro appetizer skips the shellfish, getting a vegan makeover with chickpeas instead. And the healthy, monounsaturated fats in the avocado not only taste rich and luxurious, but also work to promote cardiovascular health.

Tip: Transform leftover chickpea salad into a grain-free taco by adding it to the centre of a romaine lettuce leaf. Or scoop on top of cucumber rounds for a quick snack or appetizer.

Each serving contains: 317 calories; 8 g protein; 22 g total fat (3 g sat. fat, 0 g trans fat); 27 g total carbohydrates (4 g sugars, 12 g fibre); 129 mg sodium

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