Whole Roasted, Crumble-Stuffed Apples

Serves 3 | Ready in 30 minutes

Whole Roasted, Crumble-Stuffed Apples

How irresistible are these roasted, crumble-stuffed apples? These are perfect for a fall dinner party or even for breakfast—they’re that clean. Plus, they’re very easy to make. You could probably use your own crumble recipe, but here’s mine if you’d like to try. You may want to double the recipe …

Tip: Healthy 2-ingredient ice cream

To make your own ice cream, just add 2 large frozen bananas and half of a 14 oz can coconut milk to a food processor. Pulse until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

In each delicious serving (without ice cream): 384 calories | 5 g protein | 20 g fat | 51 g carbs (29 g sugar, 5 g fiber) | 397 mg sodium

Source: A Holiday-Worthy Vegan Menu

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