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Have you ever wondered what next-step sustainability could look like? You know: what to do after you’ve already switched to electric driving, added solar panels to your roof, and gone plant-based? Here, we lay out how to make your eco actions more impactful than ever, leaving nothing behind in your tracks.


Start a worm farm

This is home composting to the max. Once you get started, and your worms are happy and settled, the rest comes naturally (and easily). Your new friends will soon be eating up to half their weight in food scraps a day. Amazing!


Purchase with intention

Second-hand shopping is always a top choice, but when you’re in need of something new, try a brand with purpose behind its mission. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing should always be top of mind. And a brand like tentree (where they plant 10 trees with every purchase) is a great place to start! For more information, visit or follow on Instagram @tentree.


Make your own soap

The chance to choose your own ingredients, essential oils, and scents makes this a really interesting option. Worried about using lye? Don’t be! Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you start (it’s really not as scary as it seems). And one batch of homemade soap will keep you squeaky clean for months!


Set up a greywater system

A laundry-to-landscape greywater system is a huge step for hardcore eco advocates. Not only are you cutting down on water waste, but you can also make a system that doesn’t require you to edit your existing household plumbing. Look it up!


Compost yourself (when the time comes)

A little morbid, we know, but body composting promises a sustainable lasting impression well past your time on Earth. If you’re writing your will, be sure to add in plans for your body post-death and think about this option for reducing your carbon footprint once and for all.



Nurturing Self-Awareness

Nurturing Self-Awareness

Tapping into your hidden potential

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