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Tree Planting

At alive, we trust in the power of the earth and its ability to heal authentically. Our purpose is to bring the promise of natural health to the world. As part of that commitment, we are growing our forest and are proud to partner with veritree to plant trees and help restore our planet.

Nature-based solutions

We are pushing Earth dangerously close to tipping points. Today, climate change is putting more than one million species at risk of extinction. We could lose 30 to 50 percent of the total species found on Earth by 2050.

Plus, the current climate change cycle (the Earth is not simply experiencing a normal fluctuation) is occurring 20 to 50 times faster than the most rapid climate change events in Earth’s history. We need to act urgently today to avoid the most dangerous outcomes.

This is why we're working with veritree to restore the environment. We believe we have our part to play in curbing climate change, while supporting local communities, addressing economic inequality, and regenerating nature.

Why trees?

Planting new trees is at the root of stabilizing our climate. According to a 2019 scientific report, planting a trillion new trees globally could remove an enormous quantity of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. 

So, yes, trees combat climate change and reduce air pollution, but their benefits branch out beyond that.

  • Trees’ cooling and insulating properties help us conserve energy indoors and keep us more comfortable outside.
  • Greater neighborhood tree cover corresponds to better overall physical health, mental health, and academic performance.
  • Treed neighborhoods are linked to stronger community ties and lower levels of violence and crime. 
  • Hospital patients with treed views enjoy faster recovery times, according to scientific research.

Big goals

We will be planting 210,000 trees in total. That's the same as planting 3,750 studio apartments full of trees (yep, really!).

Planting partners

We've teamed up with some of our favorite natural health retailers to help us plant more trees than ever.