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August is Family Fun Month!


August - Family Fun Month - has given us just one more excuse to gather our loved ones and spend a day together in the sun!

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best times to hike the trails, hit the beaches, or picnic the parks that stitch together this diverse country that we call home. With its long, bright, sunny days and warm evenings, what better time is there to gather the family and take some time to celebrate Family Fun Month?

Things to do …

With the kids out of school, it’s easy for them to slip into a routine of sleeping too late, watching too much TV, and not getting out and about as much as they should. This weekend, hustle them into the car (or on their bikes) and try some of these great family activities.

  • A free community event. Most communities host a number of events over the summer, whether its old car meetups, parades, community celebrations, or a number of other things. Check out your local paper or community website for upcoming events.
  • A day with nature. Whether you pack up the backpacks for a family baseball game, a lakeside picnic, or a family birding excursion, spending a day outside can help the kids burn off some spare energy and can help parents wind down after a busy work week.
  • A local farmers’ market. Many of us frequent the stalls and booths that form these weekend markets, and August is a great time to bring the kids along. They’ll have the opportunity to speak to local artisans and farmers, and learn where food comes from and how it gets to their plates.
  • A family scavenger hunt. Do it on your own or compete against your neighbours to see who can be first to collect a picture of a local monument, a bird’s feather, or any number of other treasures. Winners get to choose a treat from the local famers’ market (hint: everyone’s a winner).

Do you have any tips or suggestions for Family Fun Month? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!



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