Give a non-material gift this holiday

Give a non-material gift this holiday

Whether you want to give something to the person who has everything, or want to avoid unnecessary packaging, a non-material gift is a great idea! Plus, you won’t have to wrap anything!

Spend time, not money
Have you ever asked your parents or grandparents what they want for the holidays and received the answer “Nothing—other than time with you.” Well, they mean it!

There’s no better gift than quality time with a loved one, so rather than spending the holidays shopping, make time for your friends and family: bake cookies with your grandma, go to a yoga class with your mom, or go carolling with your younger cousins.

Give an experience
Is there something your friend has always thought about doing but never got around to it? Give a gift certificate for a pottery class, guitar lesson, cooking class, art gallery or museum pass, or spa package. You can find many ideas in a local recreation centre guide. If they’re busy parents who can’t spare the time, you can ever offer babysitting for the evening.

(Almost) non-material gifts
Can’t bear the thought of not giving anything material? Ease into it by giving less wasteful, but more meaningful holiday gifts. Consider passing on a family heirloom to your children, such as a piece of jewellery. Or give homemade edible gifts such as spiced nuts and chocolates.

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