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Mom's Healthy Eating during Pregnancy More Important than Her Size


Contrary to what scientists used to think, a mom’s diet is more important than her size during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a mom’s diet is more important than her size. This is the conclusion of a new study that noted that if a woman is overweight during pregnancy, her baby will not necessarily become overweight, as long as the mother followed a healthy diet.

Obesity begins in the womb
Recent research is showing that a child’s likelihood to become obese begins in the womb, and can even be studied by scientists through genes. However, as this new study shows, the issue is complex—a mother’s obesity doesn’t necessarily lead to her child becoming obese. This study is good news: it means that even for women who are overweight or obese, adopting healthy eating strategies while pregnant benefits their baby.

A healthy diet
What does it mean to follow a healthy diet during pregnancy? According to the study, it’s about changing fat intake so it’s at “a moderate level”—enough to meet, but not exceed, the needs of the baby and the mother.

For more tips on healthy eating during pregnancy, check out our article “Healthy pregnancy.” And check out our recent article “Stay healthy during pregnancy” to learn about key supplements:

  • Prenatal vitamin to ensure adequate supplementation of vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotic supplement to replenish healthy bacteria in the gut and vaginal canal
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) for optimal brain and eye development in the baby
  • Calcium-magnesium if you are not getting enough through diet


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