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Shop for a Cause on #FairTuesday!


Shop for a Cause on #FairTuesday!

#FairTuesday is only a week away! Are you ready to participate?

It’s pretty clear that we’re a nation of consumers, what with Black Friday and Cyber Monday clouding news broadcasts and clogging our Facebook pages each year. It’s time to mark another shopping holiday down on your calendar though—#FairTuesday is back and the folks who organize it are welcoming us to become consumers with a cause!

What’s #FairTuesday?

This year, #FairTuesday  takes place on December 3.

#FairTuesday is a movement created in response to the two shopping holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Launched it 2012, it features brands that employ fair trade, ethical, and eco-friendly practices, and invites businesses to adopt these practices. By doing this, #FairTuesday fosters awareness about the products we buy and shows how simple, everyday purchases can help change the world!

In 2012, #FairTuesday brought together 135 partners in 13 countries, and drew 3 million people into the movement—all in just five short weeks! How many people can they reach this year?

How can you shop ethically?

Once upon a time, a person had to search high and low for ethical products. Now, it’s as simple as knowing what to look for!

  • Read the label. Ethical companies are proud of their efforts to make a better planet! Generally, labels are displayed proudly on all products that meet the standards of the ethical organization they were certified by.
  • Do your research. It comes as no surprise, but different certifications focus on different sustainable and ethical methods. Decide which ones meet your own personal goals and standards.
  • Spread the love! Buy ethical or eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones—why not pick up some Salt Spring Coffee for the java junkie on your list? Or some Endangered Species Chocolate for that special someone with a sweet tooth?


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