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A Winning Spread


Feeding a houseful of hungry fans during this season of sporting greatness? These nutritious and satisfying meals are sure to carry you all the way to game-day hosting victory.


Sheet Pan Fajitas with Tofu

Sheet Pan Fajitas with Tofu
Margherita Chicken Pizzas

Top a small pita with mozzarella, chicken, and other pizza favourites, then broil, and you have a fun and breezy meal that’ll satisfy any sports fan—even during periods of defeat. No need to tip the delivery guy. And the ingredients can easily be scaled up to feed a big crowd. Small naan bread or even split English muffins can also be used as a pizza base.

Meatballs with Buffalo Sauce

Meatballs without the meat, and fiery buffalo sauce without the pool of butter—this is a satisfying plant-based alternative to a game-day classic that everyone is sure to declare a winner. Both the sauce and meatballs can be made up to two days in advance. If you’re serving people who like things spicy, go ahead and blend in even more of the hot sauce.

Loaded Sheet Pan Nachos

Despite its traditional game-day look, this glorious spread is not your average stack of nachos. In a huge win for vegetarian sports fans, we swapped ground beef for meaty tempeh stewed with tomatoes and a winning mix of seasonings. Black beans, punchy radish, creamy avocado, and melty cheese round out a dish that could not be more fun to eat. If you want these nachos to be fully plant-based you can use shredded dairy-free cheese. To go a little more traditional, regular tortilla chips can be used instead of the sweet potato variety.

Salmon Burgers with Lemony Whipped Feta Sauce

Burgers are a perennial game-day favourite, but not always a nutritional win. Root for the healthier team by swapping out beef for salmon and cheese slices for a velvety feta yogurt sauce. And then finish everything off with a stack of veggies. To let all the other flavours and textures shine through, consider subtracting the bun. For burgers, panko bread crumbs or quick-cooking oat flakes can be used as a replacement for almond flour.

Match-Day Ginger Beer Mocktail

Fresh, light, and a little zingy, this beverage is a wonderful nonalcoholic option to serve at game-day festivities.




Cherry Saffron Rosewater Clafoutis