Craving Crostini

Treat Mom to simple, yet elegant, appetizers

Craving Crostini

Gussy up the much-underrated piece of toast by turning into a crostini. With an endless variety of delicious ingredients to use as toppings, you have an easy and elegant Mother's Day appetizer.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, starters with style are an elegant way to treat the women in your life to something special.

Crostini may sound complicated and time-consuming; however, they’re actually a simple way to elevate the humble piece of toast. Using fresh produce that’s beginning to appear in plenty now, along with a few unusual flavour alliances, this menu of balanced bites provides something for all.

These Mother’s Day appetizers will accommodate any food preference or intolerance, too, with crostini that aren’t limited to a bread base. Some use gluten-free grains and root vegetables as base alternatives. To adapt to different tastes or dietary concerns, mix and match the crostini bases and toppings to suit your guests. A few of the toppings and bases can even be served separately, creating a “crostini bar” for your Mother’s Day gathering.

Think beyond dips and expand your appetizer horizon this May with hand-held bites that, much like the ladies in your life, are a cut above the rest.


Go gluten free!

Think beyond the bread and play around with your crostini bases. Gluten-free options include

  • roasted root vegetable rounds
  • cupped lettuce leaves
  • radicchio leaves
  • cucumber coins
  • pear slices
  • celery sticks
  • halved plum tomatoes

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