Drink to Good Health

5 warm and nourishing drinks to enjoy this winter

Drink to Good Health

Ever get tired of Peppermint Mocha Lattes but want something warm to sip on? We’ve got you covered.

Sipping healthy warm drinks in the winter is restorative in many ways. Try these five recipes for drinks you can take with you on outdoor adventures and enjoy their health-boosting benefits.

How to pack up a warm, nourishing drink to-go for your adventure

Fill your Thermos with your favourite wholesome drink and enjoy every sip, or use a Mason jar covered with a wool cozy to keep it nice and warm.

Golden Milk

Healthy Warm Drinks-Golden-Milk



Healthy Warm Drinks-Macaccino


Matcha Latte

Healthy Warm Drinks-Matcha-Latte


Spiced Apple Cider

Healthy Warm Drinks-Spiced-Apple-Cider


Chicken Stock with Miso

Healthy Warm Drinks-Chicken-Stock-with-Miso



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