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Family Dinner on the Run

Fast, easy, & fun


Dinner-to-go is part of the daily routine for most families. But what to eat when you need a quick dinner? Try these simple recipes for on-the-go meals.

What with our busy, back-to-school schedules and pack-it-all-in mentality, dinner-to-go is part of the daily routine for most families. But what to eat (and how to make it quickly!) when one kid has soccer practice and the other has dance at the same time—and you’re both cook and chauffeur?

Healthy fast food isn’t complicated, but it does require some planning. These easy, speedy meals can be prepped ahead and are designed to be eaten warm or cold, in the car, on the field, or wherever the business of life takes you.


Speedy—and healthy too!

Typically, fast food is high in fat and calories and low in healthful nutrients. Not so when you make your own at home. Each of our easy, speedy recipes has a hidden health gem essential for maintaining your child’s good health.




sweet potatoes vitamins A and C

-help eliminate free radicals
-provide natural anti-inflammatory relief for asthma and arthritis

almonds vitamin E

-battle free radicals
-protect the heart by reducing artery-clogging plaque and improving blood flow


potassium -balance electrolyte levels (important when exercising)
-keep blood pressure in check


6 g of protein per egg

-contain all the essential amino acids
-build strong, healthy muscles
black beans fibre

-lower cholesterol
-rate low on the glycemic index—a good source of fibre for diabetics

Did you know?

Beta carotene, the provitamin responsible for the sweet potato’s intense orange colour, is an excellent source of vitamin A, which has been shown to maintain healthy eyesight, skin, and immune function . One cup of cooked sweet potato packs as much as 769 percent of our daily recommended intake of vitamin A.



Scent-Sational Aromas

Scent-Sational Aromas

Fragrance options for a cozy home

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