5 Food Waste-Reducing Recipes

Delicious recipes made with kitchen scraps

5 Food Waste-Reducing Recipes

Don’t scrap the good stuff. Commonly discarded produce remnants are bursting with nutrition, flavour, and versatility. Save money on your food bill while reducing food waste with these glammed-up goodies.

If you’re looking to save money on your food bill and reduce food waste, start at home in the kitchen. Commonly tossed produce remnants—all perfectly edible—can be repurposed, restyled, and transformed into healthy, tasty meals. From top to tail, there’s no greater way to boost nutrition, flavour, and texture in meals than using the entire plant.

Produce peels, pulp, cores, greens, tops, and bottoms are a treasure trove of nutrition. They contain a lot of a plant’s fibre and antioxidants, both shown to reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Next time you dive into cooking, take note of the scraps; you’ll save money, help the environment by cutting food waste, and boost your nutrient intake if you use them.


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