Local Eating

Enjoy the bounty of summer throughout the fall

Local Eating

The 100-Mile Diet by Alissa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon (Random House Canada, 2007) and its approach to eating locally grown food seems blissfully easy with the abundant fruit and vegetable crops of summer. But what do you do in the fall and winter?

Farmer’s markets that continue throughout the fall and winter and natural health food stores that stock local produce are excellent places to find ingredients for your own 100-mile diet recipes.

Try this month’s recipes, which contain common ingredients that are available right across Canada. Then develop your own dishes using regional specialties, such as dried coastal seaweeds as a salt substitute, local goats’, sheeps’, or cows’ milk cheese, honey, wine, and fruits and vegetables.

Sounds like the good life and a culinary Shangri-la to me!


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