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Brown bagging it to work is a growing trend. Besides saving money, it also guarantees that your lunch will be fresh and healthy.

Brown bagging it to the office is a growing trend. Besides saving money, it also guarantees that your food will be fresh, flavourful, and healthy, because you prepared it. But let’s face it—nobody has time to make much in the hectic morning rush. Prepping the night before is essential. The key to a speedy lunch lies in smart planning. Leftovers are your secret time-saving weapon for jump-starting a great lunch.

10 top tips to make your brown bag better

  1. Pack soups in microwave-safe containers or tightly sealed glass jars.
  2. Avoid smushed sandwiches by transporting in specially designed sandwich boxes. For larger sandwiches, wrap in waxed paper, then cushion with a dish towel.
  3. Transport green salads and dressing separately. Save small juice bottles to use for transporting dressing.
  4. Reuse yogourt containers to pack salads such as pasta, bean, or rice salads.
  5. Freeze drink boxes to use as ice packs so food stays cool if refrigeration is an issue. By the time lunch rolls around, you have a chilled beverage to wash it down.
  6. Pack fruit that travels well, such as apples and oranges. Cushion delicate fruit, such as pears or bananas, in kitchen towels or washable fruit carry cases.
  7. Bag moist vegetables and sandwich condiments separately; assemble before eating.
  8. Kit out your lunch bag with real cutlery, not plastic. Check outdoor stores for sets that are small and easy to pack.
  9. Sack the paper bag and invest in an insulated reusable lunch bag or kit and sturdy thermos.
  10. Avoid lunchbox envy in the lunchroom and pack a little extra for sharing!


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