A chance to Change

Reflections on a meaningful makeover

A chance to Change

The time has passed too quickly. I entered into this life makeover hoping for quick and significant results. But I now see that such expectations require more commitment than I’ve been able to devote. With school, work, the makeover, and life’s complications, I bit off more than I could chew.

At the beginning, I realized that there would be both outward and inward changes. Some of these changes were obvious. After taking the probiotics recommended by Dr. Sciortino, I noticed almost immediately that my digestive issues lessened. (I noticed even more immediately when my digestive issues returned if I forgot to take the supplements.) Also, the first time I tried Karlene Karst’s diet plan, I noticed that my energy improved and I didn’t experience the afternoon drowsiness I had suffered for years.

Physical Benefits

But I had to rely on others to help me recognize the more subtle changes. After settling into a routine at the gym, I could do more cardio and lift more weights. However, it wasn’t until some people commented, “Your shoulders look different,” and “You look…you know…fitter,” that I realized my body had changed. Kerry, my personal trainer, hadn’t focused on total body transformation. Instead, she zeroed in on a few specific issues: she gave me exercises to strengthen my core and shoulders, which improved my posture and helped alleviate my desk-jockey headaches.

I benefited from visiting Dr. Melissa Carr and believe that in time, and after a few more acupuncture treatments, she will help further reduce the number of stress headaches I suffer. Perhaps she will be able to effectively treat my dizziness, too.

I also enjoyed my visit to the Vida Wellness Spa. Kindred, my masseuse, was soothing and knowledgeable. From that experience, I learned that treatments such as an Ayurvedic swedana aren’t really a luxury but rather a necessity for physical and mental wellness.

Liver Lover

The most interesting aspect of this experience was the theme that evolved. A few of the practitioners focused on my liver and stomach after examination and discussion of my problems, which are mainly digestive. Dr. Sciortino identified possible liver troubles; Dr. Carr identified trouble with my liver/gallbladder organ pair as well as trouble with my spleen/stomach pair; and Kindred explained that my overactive pitta dosha was causing digestive issues. Together, all of these treatments had positive effects. When I visited Dr. Sciortino for an “after” assessment, the tests revealed reduced liver enzyme levels, indicating that my liver is now working properly.

Another significant outcome of this process was the improvement of my cholesterol levels. For that, I credit Dr. Sciortino’s supplements, Karlene Karst’s nutrition advice, and the time I was able to spend in the gym.

New Focus

During this makeover, I had plenty of distractions, so I couldn’t devote myself 100 percent to the process. As a result, I didn’t lose any weight, but I did improve my nutrition and fitness. Now that things have settled down and school is over, I’m looking forward to focusing more consistently on my health issues and applying all I’ve learned. See you in six months.

My Cholesterol Numbers

Test Before After Normal
Cholesterol 5.3 4.6 2.0 – 5.2
LDL cholesterol 3.7 3.3 1.5 – 3.4
HDL cholesterol 1.1 1.0 >0.9
Chol:HDL ratio 4.8 4.6 <5.0­­­­

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