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Attention-Deficit Disorder: Natural Alternatives to Drug Therapy


Nancy L. Morse, BSc, CNPA alive Natural Health Guides 64 pages, soft cover, $.

Nancy L. Morse, BSc, CNPA
alive Natural Health Guides
64 pages, soft cover, $9.95

It's time for the families of children with attention and learning disorders to experience relief--not only from their disorders, but also from the side-effects of commonly prescribed drugs. A new Natural Health Guide by Nancy L. Morse is testament to the power of acceptable and available long-term solutions.

Morse has extensive clinical expertise using natural solutions based on dietary changes and nutritional supplements. Her recommendations benefit patients, families, teachers--all those who work with sufferers in a supportive capacity. The natural methods of treatment she outlines will not only counter the unpleasant symptoms of ADD and ADHD, but can work towards preventing such disorders from manifesting in the first place. For this reason, Morse's guide is of great value to all young families and should not be limited to those instances where diagnosis has already occurred.

For parents who need clarification on what constitutes attention and learning disorders, the guide provides clear and concise explanations for four main conditions and explains how these manifest at different stages in life: attention-deficit disorder (ADD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyspraxia and dyslexia.

Attention Deficit Disorder is both teacher and guide. The book informs on differences between standard "orthodox" treatments and more "naturopathic" methods. Readers are gently and consistently reminded that choice of treatment should come from patients and parents, rather than from the practitioner consulted. Morse leaves no question unanswered. Supported with fascinating testimonials and research findings she makes a very strong case for routine dietary and supplemental use of essential fatty acids.

Other considerations put forward by Morse involve an examination of food additives, salicylates, food allergies, sugar, nutritional deficiencies, antibiotic use, herbs, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Put this newfound knowledge to good use with the recipes developed by Chef Edrissi. He offers colourful recipes that make use of Morse's dietary recommendations. Everyone will enjoy his creative breakfast, salad and soup recipes, engineered with freshness and flair.

While this book may focus attention on individuals with a disorder, it benefits the entire family. Attention-Deficit Disorder is superior treatment of a difficult subject, with plenty of usable solutions.



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