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Canadian Lecture Tour



Author Udo Erasmus will be hosting a series of free consumer seminars across Canada during May and June. Focusing on "Grassroots Solutions for Modern Health Concerns," the seminars will be held from Western Canada to the Maritimes, from 7 to 9 p.m., in the following cities. For more details, please call 1-888-436-6697.

  1. Monday, June 2, Peterborough, Ont.
  2. Tuesday, June 3, Ottawa, Ont.
  3. Wednesday, June 4, Montreal, Que.
  4. Thursday, June 5, Fredericton, NB
  5. Friday, June 6, Moncton, NB
  6. Sunday, June 8, Sydney, NS
    <>liMonday, June 9, Antigonish, NS
    Tuesday, June 10, Halifax, NS
  7. Thursday, June 12, Calgary, Alta.

Coral Calcium Gets Results

Our well-known Phytome Coral Calcium is ecologically harvested from above sea level in Okinawa, Japan. Phytome Coral Calcium includes coral calcium, 73 coral minerals, vitamins C and D, hydrochloric (stomach) acid for enhanced assimilation and malic acid to prevent calcium from clumping. It fights osteoporosis, builds and maintains teeth and bones, helps maintain proper nerve and muscle function, and contains essential nutrients that your body needs every day. Visit us at

Groundbreaking News: Designer Enzyme Complex

As a doctor, researcher and recovered victim of chemical sensitivities and digestive disorders, I know firsthand that a deficiency in enzymes creates more toxins from undigested food in an already compromised immune system. Finally, there is a unique, full-spectrum, 100-per-cent vegetarian digestive enzyme, CapraZyme, that assists digestive processes and also contains therapeutic ingredients helpful in repairing damage from a leaky gut, ulcers and damaged intestinal lining.

CapraCleanse contains a bioactive botanical blend that:

  • reduces overall inflammation, as in fibromyalgia, arthritis and gout
  • soothes the stomach, cleanses the colon, reduces spasms and helps overall circulation
  • increases stomach acidity, aiding digestion
  • has an anaesthetizing effect on the intestinal tract
  • acts as an astringent, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agent
  • lowers cholesterol
  • aids elimination through its gentle laxative effect
  • acts as a powerful uptake mechanism for nutrient absorption.
      In addition, it contains antioxidants, carotenoids and enzymes to digest proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, grains, seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables, dairy products (lactose and protein) and soy. Plus, it works in a pH from 3 to 9.CapraZyme is unique because of its ability to reduce inflammation and repair intestinal damage. With illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities and digestive disorders reaching epidemic proportions, CapraZyme is a breakthrough blend that assists the entire digestive system-naturally.

      -Dr. Gloria Gilb?, ND, DAHom, PhD

      New Living Multi Line

      Garden of Life, the premier manufacturer of whole-food nutrition supplements, is launching Living Multi, a new product line with 13 different formulas, including supplements for men, women, children and prenatal care. The launch of the Living Multi product line, consisting of 26 SKUs, is backed by a $1.5 million advertising and promotion campaign. Its initial product, the Living Multi Daily Formula, is supported by the largest clinical trial ever conducted in America for a multiple vitamin/mineral formula.

      The Living Multi line, formulated with the widest variety and highest potency of antioxidant nutrients available, delivers nutrients in a "body ready" form known as homeostatic nutrient complex. This revolutionary delivery system makes the Living Multi line the most comprehensive, bioavailable and truly effective nutritional product to date.

      Fresh-Flavoured Fish Oils

      You've probably heard about the remarkable health and beauty benefits from adding fish oils to your diet. Yet many people are turned off by fish oils because they taste and smell unpleasantly fishy.

      Nordic Naturals fish oils are different. At Nordic Naturals, we know taste is an indicator of quality. Our high quality oils taste good because they're fresh-not oxidized. In fact, independent laboratory tests show that Nordic Naturals fish oils have oxidation levels 10 to 30 times lower thancompetitors. Plus, our patented flavouring process gives our oils and capsules a light, natural fruity flavor.

      No wonder Nordic Naturals is the preferred choice of physicians and research institutions, including Harvard and Georgetown. We deliver results and quality, without the fishy taste. Let us change how you feel about fish oils! Available in finer health food stores by calling Ecotrend at 1-800-665-7065 or Ecomax at 1-877-876-8445.
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      Scent-Sational Aromas

      Scent-Sational Aromas

      Fragrance options for a cozy home

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