Dr Jozef Krop Supporters

Dr Jozef Krop Supporters

Thousands of you responded to our campaign to help Jozef Krop appeal the verdict of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. After 10 years of defending himself against the college, Jozef Krop was found guilty of “falling below the standards” of the college’s ideas of medical practice. He was cited for prescribing vitamin C, recommending air purifiers and other common sense, natural methods.

The college counts on physicians giving into its pressure. Thanks to generous supporters like you, Dr Krop has had the financial resources to continue the fight. Two years ago, you helped raise over $60,000 for the struggle. The new total is climbing–this support is crucial to help Dr Krop win his appeal and the right to choice in health care.

The following list is not complete–a number of names have already been published. As the cheques are entered and processed (sometimes a lengthy process due to the volume!) we will continue to publish the names of contributors. Any inquiries with regards to the Dr Jozef Krop Legal Defense Fund should be directed to The Environmental Health Group, 223-275 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1K2. We appreciate your kindness and your patience!

The cost of Jozef Krop’s court appeal is estimated at $250,000. Donations can be sent to the Jozef Krop Defense Fund in Trust, c/o 7436 Fraser Park Dr, Burnaby, BC, V5J 5B9

Mistral Masonary Inc.
Regina Vitamin Centre
The Peanut Mill
Leo Leo’s Supper Club,
Kenel Enterprises Ltd
Nicole F&N Cadorette
Avery, Annette
Babuin, Florence
Bachewich, D.L.
Beach, Frances
Biehn, Mervin L.
Bird, Shirley
Bowie, Margaret
Buchanan, Jean
Cabaca, Eva
Cabaca, Oliver
Cardinal, Francine, (Centre De Bien Etre Metaflora)
Carroll, Debbie, (Forever Healthy Inc.)
Cavers, Jessie
Clapp, Patricia
Clarke, Earl & Lil
Coe, Jean M.
Collins, Olga
Cook, Judith
Daicoff, Vickie
Davidson, Sheila
Day, Nora A.K.
De Sousa, Natalie
Defoe, Deanna
Demeray, Ron
Dieiocco, Patrick
Durance, Ruth
Evenson, Shirley
Ewing, Faye
Farrow, Bryce & Kathleen
Fischer-Jenssen, F & K
Fitzpatrick, Sharon
Fraser, Anna
Fraser, Hugh D
Gavin, Rita
Geddry, Al & Simone
Gerstenacker, C.
Gibbard, A.C.
Haaheim, Delores
Hall, Thomas & Angela
Hamilton, Edward
Hammond, F. Innes
Hampshire, Allen & Helen
Harrington, Dorthy
Henczel, Eleanor
Hinton, Louis & Marjorie
Hodgins, Wayne
Houlton, Tim
Huges, Richard
Hughes, Collen
Hunt, David & Marie
Jacobs, Theodore & Violet
Johns, Diane
Jones, J.P
Kemp, M.I.
Kittle, Gerry
Knoche, Brigitte
Kobza, Rita
Kolenosky, Dianne
Koops, Hartwig & Anneliese
Kouhi, Birgit
Krepakevich, N.
Krlin, Joseph
Kuchinka, George
Landscheit, Christiane
Lansing, Judith
Laurie, Karin
Leclerc, Jacqueline
Lepp, Henry
Leppky, Barbra
Levie , Robertine
Losier, J Aldeo
Lucyk, William
Macarthur, W.Scott
MacDougall, Wilena
Macierewicz, Klaudia
Mackenzie, Rosalind M
Mackillop, Ada
Maclean, Ruth
Marston, Dorthy
Maxeiner, Christa
McDonough, Liliane
McKenna, Lil
McNarin , Ken & Diny
Newell, Margaret
O’Neill, Dorthy
Parotat, Helga
Paz, Luille & Hilda
Pelypew, Nellie
Penner, Henry
Poirier, Simone & Denise
Post, Teena & Peter
Price, Mary
Prince, Helen
Pushie, Aline
Rabbel, Luba
Rhodes, Barry
Robertson, Marjorie
Robinson, Neil
Sawai, Makoto & Noriko
Schaaf, Ronald & Jean
Schipperus, Johan & Willi
Schwan, Joan & Jeffrey
Scott, Helen R.
Scott, J.L.M.
Scott, John
Smele, Steve
Smith, Eveline
Smith, Glenn & Mavis
Smith, Hazel
Spencer, Calvin
Spraque, Dorthy
Spriggs , Ruby
St-Michale, Mildred
Stepa, Margaret
Stevens, Bryan
Stevens, Reg
Stokotelny, Anne
Storr-Skinner, Maria
Sugg, Jessie
Sullivan, John
Tasler, Margot
Taylor-Hurst, Donna
Tinneberg, Anneliese
Tinneberg, Steffi A.
Tizard, Denis
Tompkinson, Ian
Tonin, Fred
Townsend, Mildred
Triadou, Rene
Tuttle, Margaret
Van Hezewijk, R.
Wallace, Sharon
Walowina, Christine
Ward, Michelle
Warr, Zola
Weinrich, William & Leona
Whetham, Nancy
Whitfeild, Liliiian
Wilks, Sylvia L.
Williams, Christina
Williams, Shane
Wong, Bevlah
Wright, B.Lesli

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