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Eight Weeks to Wellness


Just as we need to clean out closet clutter, we also need to cleanse our body on a regular basis.

Just as we need to clean out closet clutter, we also need to cleanse our body on a regular basis. Over time our bodies become overburdened by poor eating habits and the environmental pollutants and stresses of our modern lives.

By cleansing regularly we can feel healthier, reduce the buildup of toxins, have more energy, lessen our chance of illness, and live a healthier life. The Eight Weeks to Wellness Program is an easy way to cleanse mind and body, with sensational benefits. Here’s how.

Weeks One and Two

For the first two weeks of the plan, focus on detoxifying using a herbal cleansing program that includes a meal plan. This will help free the body of toxins, encouraging weight loss and helping to increase energy and mental clarity. During your two-week cleanse follow your chosen cleansing plan’s eating regimen as closely as possible to give your body the nutrients it needs while providing the optimum benefits of cleansing to you.

Weeks Three to Eight

Beginning in the third week, recreate your eating habits to further increase your well-being. Work at creating new and healthy habits toward eating and exercising that are crucial to your pursuit of wellness.

Start your morning with the Breakfast Energy Shake (see recipe). Each day select one of the meals from your cleansing program’s eating plan. Then make a third “meal of your choice,” trying to use some of what you learned in the first two weeks while following the cleansing eating plan, avoiding fried foods, saturated fats, artificial additives, and refined sugars. Begin to incorporate the healthy foods that you love back into your eating routine, adding one or two indulgences for balance. Remember to eat them in moderation.

Enjoy these eight weeks as a stepping-stone to increased energy, fat loss, improved mental clarity, and total well-being.

Be sure to consult a health professional if you are uncertain about undertaking this or any other health regimen. This program does not preclude the need to consult with a health professional.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not participate in this program.

Good luck with your quest to live the healthy life.

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