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As a family, we were lucky to have my brother-in-law Dennis whip up Christmas dishes so delicious that our eyes widened and our mouths watered as the table filled before us. We always ate until our bellies ached. Then heartburn and indigestion remedies were a necessary antidote, particularly for Dennis.

Here is a snapshot of homeopathic remedies to keep on hand should your holiday feast become indigestible. Choose the one remedy that suits your symptoms best. Take two to five 30c potency pills every two to four hours, depending on the severity of your symptoms, but stop as symptoms improve. If you don’t feel better after three dosages, switch to the next most suitable remedy and repeat dosage instructions.

First Defence

When indigestion hits, reach for one of the following:

Antimonium crudum is the first remedy of choice when reflux brings on continual rising stomach acid. Choose this remedy for heartburn, nausea, and bloating that is accompanied by irritability from eating too rich or too much food. A tongue with a thick white coating is another clue for this remedy.

Carbo vegetabilis, made from vegetable charcoal, is most useful when intense gas and bloating develop with a feeling of heaviness, fullness, and sleepiness. Sour-tasting rising stomach acid develops after even slight overindulgences. This remedy can help hasten an immensely sluggish digestive process.

Nux vomica is a typical holiday remedy, needed for hangovers or for heartburn from overwork and eating too quickly. This remedy is the likely choice if you feel nauseous and irritable even to the point of retching sometime after eating or in the morning.

Pulsatilla, the windflower, will often help those who cannot digest rich food. This remedy suits mild-mannered people who have a changeable nature and want looking after when sick. It will remedy reflux, a bitter aftertaste, and the feeling that a stone lies in the stomach. Absence of thirst is another typical symptom.

The Backup Brigade

For painful indigestion also consider these remedies:

Arsenicum album is excellent for the stressed person who experiences severe burning pain, causing anxiety with an unbearably restless feeling, typically worse at night. This remedy covers retching, vomiting, and heartburn, and it helps those who feel thirsty.

Chamomilla will cure indigestion and painful griping brought on by anger and distress. Belching and gas are foul; the abdomen is bloated.

Colocynthis is excellent when indigestion is severely painful, with a desire to bend double or push hard against the pain. The mouth is dry and tastes bitter; the person feels thirsty.

While the rest of us just needed a little time to allow the food to settle, Dennis always took Carbo vegetabilis when his digestion became unbearably sluggish. He also consulted a homeopath regularly to improve his overall digestive function and prevent recurrences. To find a homeopath near you, visit www.homeopathicdirectory.com, www.homeopathy.org, or www.wchs.info.

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