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Fit Facts: Test Your Brain Muscle


Questions: Strenuous workouts yield more benefits than light exercise


  1. Strenuous workouts yield more benefits than light exercise.
    True or False
  2. How long is a marathon?
    a) the distance from the fridge to the couch
    b) 21 kilometres
    c) 32 kilometres
    d) 43 kilometres
  3. Strength training is good for building muscle, but not for burning calories.
    True or False
  4. When should you stretch?
    a) before exercising
    b) after exercising
    c) both a and b
    d) never
  5. Failure to exercise at least three times a week is as dangerous as smoking how many cigarettes?
    a) 5
    b) 10
    c) 15
    d) a pack


  1. F Intense exercise improves aerobic capacity more than light or moderate workouts, but that doesn't necessarily translate into huge health benefits. Moderate exercisers have lower death rates from coronary heart disease, cancer and other causes than non-exercisers. However, heavy exercisers have only slightly lower death rates. As well, both light and heavy exercise reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and the risk of type II diabetes.
  2. D Actually, 42.125 kilometres. First developed for the Athens Olympics in 1896, the marathon moved to Boston in 1897. The current world record holder is Khalid Khannouchi of Morocco (2:05:42).
  3. F Strength training can substantially increase the number of calories you burn. Using weights, machines or elastic bands, with a break between each set, uses up calories at least as fast as walking. Circuit training, where you're moving quickly from one strengthening move to the next, burns calories faster than walking. After strength training, your body burns calories at a heightened rate for hours. And the muscle that you build burns more calories than fat, even when you're not exercising.
  4. C Fitness experts suggest that you stretch both before and after exercise to keep limber and prevent injuries and stiff muscles.
  5. D The Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health, published in 1996, was the first to definitively state that, yes, exercise does a whole lot more for the body than just make you feel good.


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