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Exercise and Youth

Exercise is an important ingredient to maintaining youth and beauty. It lowers the risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It keeps your body's immune system strong and helps decrease aches, pains, and even wrinkles. Exercise increases circulation for the entire body, and with increased circulation comes increased delivery of nutrients to skin cells, ridding the skin of toxins. This creates better conditions for increased supply of collagen, fibres that keep wrinkles away. So next time you're in the gym worrying about
sweating, just keep in mind that this is actually a very good thing.

Gym Safety Tip for Senior Citizens

Knowledgeable training staff can be a great help for seniors who are looking to approach fitness safely. Whether you are exercising in your current gym or choosing a new gym, you can keep safety a priority. A staff member or trainer in the gym can show you how to use each machine and teach you about its safety features. Exercise should start according to your fitness level. Some seniors exercise with great enthusiasm: however, before starting a new training program or returning to physical activity, you should get an assessment to identify your current fitness level. The purpose of an assessment is to inform the trainer of all factors affecting your health, including your structural and functional status and your health history. A trainer can then set up an exercise program that suits your individual needs with exercises aimed to safely strengthen specific areas of weakness. Assessments are kept on file for every member to access. Please remember to inform the staff of any changes in your personal or emergency contact information so that the fitness facility always has your current data on file.

Healthy Aging

Getting older does not have to mean feeling older. Scientific evidence shows that exercise helps decrease the common aches and pains of aging. As we age, most of us lose strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. But consistent exercise maintains muscles, keeps bones and joints healthy, and improves cardiovascular health, which keeps blood and oxygen pumping to every part of our bodies. In addition, range of motion can be increased and maintained with exercise, which also helps limit aches and pains. If you keep your body running optimally with exercise, the only thing that will be lost with age is feeling old.



Taking Care of the Body’s Supercomputer

Taking Care of the Body’s Supercomputer

Suzanne MethotSuzanne Methot