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Good Digestion: Your Key to Vibrant Health


Ken Babal, CN alive Natural Health Guides 64 pages, soft cover, $.

Ken Babal, CN
alive Natural Health Guides
64 pages, soft cover, $9.95

We all know that digestion is critical to the process of nutrition; once we accept the simple fact that digestion is the key issue in many types of health problems it becomes much easier to improve overall well-being. It also becomes easier to treat conditions such as weight problems, eczema, acne, allergies, asthma, fatigue, constipation, anemia, gall stones, arthritis, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.

Ken Babal's Good Digestion provides constructive advice about the more practical elements of nutrition; advice that is easily understood and can be adapted by all readers, regardless of their current lifestyle. His "Digestive Symptom Survey" is a useful tool to help us identify which aspect of the gastrointestinal tract needs the most attention. This short, comprehensive survey serves two purposes. By establishing the frequency and intensity of various symptoms, readers learn more about the efficiency of their own digestion process on a personal level, and then, which part (if any) is in need of support.

With this knowledge in hand, the book's subsequent sections dealing with digestive disorders become quickly relevant. As a foundation to health Babal offers the "Ten Commandments for Good Digestion"--sure to benefit everyone. These common-sense counsels are reminiscent of grandmother's good advice, but this nutritionist author gives more scientific reasoning than grandma ever could. For example, we learn why ice water should not accompany meals and how to combine food types for maximum digestive efficiency.

In addition the author takes a close look at several tried and true natural remedies for digestive support such as aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, enzymes, licorice and more. One of the easiest and most significant ways to supplement is with healthy bacteria, more modernly referred to as "probiotics." Yogurt, kefir, pickles and other fermented foods are easy to find at health food stores, as are probiotic supplements. For healthful recipes that contribute to gastrointestinal health, Fred Edrissi, alive's whole foods chef, has pulled together a variety of ingredients to create an array of creative offerings. Steamed Vegetables with Carrot Daikon Salad and Quinoa-Vegetable Risotto with Braised Halibut are two new favourites that stand alone as superior dishes to leave you feeling healthy, rather than full.

Good Digestion is filled with bite-sized portions of highly practical information. Even taken in small doses, Babal's suggestions will bring about significant change to individual digestion and overall health.



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