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Good Fats and Oils


by Siegfried Gursche, MH alive Natural Health Guides 64 pages, softcover, $9.95 What most of us know about fats and oils would barely fill a teaspoon.

by Siegfried Gursche, MH
alive Natural Health Guides
64 pages, softcover, $9.95

What most of us know about fats and oils would barely fill a teaspoon. Try as they may, the popular media have been guilty of providing a message that mixes scientific jargon with commercial interests to produce a hazy impression of which fats should be avoided. Rarely do we hear about why fats and oils are necessary for health. This has changed. The grandfather of the healthy oils movement in North America, alive publisher Siegfried Gursche, has penned the most concise and helpful kitchen guide to healthy fats and oils available to date.

Which is better, butter or margarine? Why are some oils healthier than others? Which oil makes for healthy frying and why? What about the fat in eggs? Gursche answers these questions and more. By explaining the basic differences between fats and oils he shows readers how healthy beneficial fats can be turned into bad and also how ignorance of the choices can lead to serious health concerns.

Good Fats and Oils is a simple guide that uses everyday language. Still, readers get the medical proof they need to make life-changing food choices. They also get consumer guidance that enables lifestyle changes to happen where it counts--in the kitchen. Armed with the label-reading skills from the guide, readers will find it easy to make the right choices, most of which are not available at the supermarket. You'll find good fats and oils at your natural food store. It's possible for example, to choose a culinary oil that actually prevents heart disease. This same oil protects against cholesterol deposits and prevents osteoporosis by strengthening bones!

Here is a kitchen guide that covers the gamut of fats and oils on the market and is not afraid to mention brand names. Read and compare--see how your current dietary fat choices measure up and let the book lead you. Each oil is carefully described and kitchen tips are included for each oil type. The book's recipe section provides even more possibilities. Gursche's personal recipe for flax oil "butter" is a winner. This tasty spread is easy and quick to prepare, lasts for months and does the body much good. An alive magazine staff favourite--Potato Salad with Pumpkin Seed Oil--is revealed. There is Green Mayonnaise, Marinated Goat Cheese, Potato Pancakes, Biscotti and more.

Understanding healthy oils is possibly the most significant step our society has taken towards improved health in recent years. Good Fats and Oils is the key to true understanding-- the kind that leads to life-enhancing lifestyle changes.



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