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o3mega: organic and outstanding Introducing a whole new line of essential fatty acids specially formulated for a healthy body and mind. From ehn inc.

o3mega: organic and outstanding
Introducing a whole new line of essential fatty acids specially formulated for a healthy body and mind. From ehn inc., the makers of greens+ North America's most award-winning supplement and o3mega, the fish oil that revolutionized the delivery of omega-3 fatty acids, come three brand new supplements&o3mega pump™ for cardiovascular health, o3mega fit™ for weight management, and o3mega joy™ for emotional health.

While plenty of research supports the consumption of fish and fish oil in a host of medical conditions, in the development of these new formulas our science team focused on the latest research in the areas of cardiovascular health, weight management, and emotional health. o3mega continues to be the number one choice for a general health omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Its enteric coating and toxin-free triple fish content have set the standard for all fish oil supplements to follow. GREENSPLUSCANADA.COM.

Vital vitamins in liquid form

Maxion Nutrition is proud to present Max Multi Liquid Vitamin and Mineral formula for those who have trouble taking capsules and tablets. Max Multi is a complete blend of vitamins and minerals in liquid form, which is better absorbed than either capsules or tablets.

This great tasting, citrus-flavoured formula is conveniently ready to drink. Try mixing it with water or orange juice, or add it to your protein shake.

Max Multi Liquid Vitamin and Mineral formula is the easy way to take your vitamin and mineral supplement. 1-888-302-9996 or MAXIONNUTRITION.COM.

New anti-aging formula

Platinum Naturals is pleased to announce their new Super EasyMulti Plus. It's an all-in-one product specially formulated to significantly reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, including cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and cognitive dysfunction. Super EasyMulti Plus contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and numerous powerful anti-aging ingredients that help you look and feel younger.

Dr. Zoltan Rona writes, "Some of the leading natural ingredients that combat aging and related diseases include CoQ10, grapeseed extract, fish oil, green tea extract, gingko biloba, phytosterols, and vitamins and minerals." Convenient to take as two liquid soft-gel capsules daily, Super EasyMulti Plus is much more affordable than taking each of these ingredients separately. Choose only Platinum Naturals&the recognized leader in excipient-free products.

1-800-668-5028 or PLATINUMNATURALS.COM.

Soymilk&unsweetened and sensational!

Never before have mass market and natural food shoppers been as excited by an unsweetened soymilk. For some, it's the flavour; for others, it's the quality. Everyone seems to agree that natur-a unsweetened soymilk is the people's choice when it comes to versatility and reliability. Stores can't keep enough natur-a unsweetened on the shelves.

Delicious when poured over your morning cereal, natur-a unsweetened has also become a must-have ingredient for cooking. Use it cup-for-cup in any recipe that calls for milk: from soups, sauces, and smoothies to muffins, rice puddings, and desserts. It makes the best pancakes even better.

This wholesome, heart-healthy product packs eight grams (g) of soy protein and three g of fibre per serving and contains only one g of naturally occurring sugar. natur-a unsweetened is the only certified organic Canadian soymilk with no added sugar. natur-a unsweetened&proof that plain is beautiful. 1-877-soyamilk (1-877-769-2645) or NUTRISOYA.COM.

Fresh, filtered water

Aquasmart Technologies is proud to announce that its shower filter has won the alive Silver Award of Excellence. These prestigious awards were granted by natural health retailers at the Canadian Health Food Association annual convention and trade show in October 2003.

The Aquasmart shower filter reduces 98 per cent of chlorine and heavy metals in shower water and will last between eight and 12 months before replacement is needed.

Aquasmart Technologies manufactures, wholesales, and retails its product, and then ships worldwide. Purchase orders are received and shipped the same day. Based in British Columbia, Aquasmart is 100-per-cent Canadian owned. Aquasmart Technologies is celebrating 20 years of health and wellness with pure water. 1-888-294-3636 or AQUASMART.COM.

Nutritious and natural dieting

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, internationally known as the founder of the French Association of Applied Research in Nutrition and author of numerous articles on the protein diet, has just introduced his unique product line, "Ideal Protein," to Canada. The protein diet is a natural weight-loss method that works without the customary side-effects of fatigue. The protein diet method is universally recognized, proven reliable, and widely recommended by nutritionists. Its principal advantage is that the protein diet facilitates fat loss while preserving muscle and tone.

Ideal Protein is of exceptional quality&a state-of-the-art protein that contains less than one gram (g) of fat and less than two g of carbohydrates per serving. Available in 13 flavours, this protein eats like a meal. From chicken soup to cocoa, Ideal Protein delivers at least 18 g of protein for each single serving. For more information, contact True North Nutrition at 1-800-261-4223.

Flora earns gold and silver

Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd. is pleased to announce it has been awarded with four prestigious Gold Awards of Excellence and one Silver Award of Excellence from the Alive Academy. Terry-Lynn Stone, Editor-in-Chief of presented the awards at the Canadian Health Food Association trade show on October 18, 2003.

Flora, a leading manufacturer of cold-pressed oils, herbal supplements, vitamins, and medicinal teas, received top honours at the 10th Annual Alive Awards of Excellence for outstanding products in a variety of categories. Known for innovative and unique formulations, the company was given gold and silver awards for the following:

·;FlorEssence - Gold Award of Excellence for Herbal Tea
·;Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend - Gold Award of Excellence for Essential Fatty Acid Supplement
·;Udo's Choice Super 8 Probiotic - Silver Award of Excellence for Probiotics
·;Floradix Liquid Iron - Gold Award of Excellence for Nutritional Supplement
·;SambuGuard - Gold Award of Excellence for Home Medicine Chest

1-888-436-6697 or FLORAHEALTH.COM.

Berries benefit baby boomers

Prairie Naturals has added the equivalent of one-half cup (125 ml) fresh berries to every serving of Greens-ForceT. This is significant for several reasons. Research is increasingly focusing on blueberries for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects. It has been established that blueberry extracts protect blood vessel integrity, reduce the possibility of clots, and improve circulation, which improves cardiovascular health. Blueberries also have properties that increase cell membrane fluidity, improving cellular health.

Prairie Naturals uses the berry extracts BlueMaxT, BilMaxT, and ElderMaxT, which are protected from deterioration in the stomach with the patented Bio-Shield® system. Available at your health food store.



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