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Improve Your Family's Heart Health


World Heart Day is September 29. It’s a great time to take stock of how your health habits are impacting your heart health - and your family’s - and make some simple changes.

World Heart Day is September 29. According to a new study conducted by the World Heart Federation in the UK, USA, Brazil, and India, the average person believes we don’t have to worry about heart health until we’re in our early 30s. Waiting until then to develop heart healthy habits is too late—we need to begin good habits in childhood. Break bad habits Men age 40 and older who were surveyed believe that heart health can be put off until we’re 37. But by then, unhealthy habits may have already taken their toll, including

  • physical inactivity
  • unhealthy eating
  • overweight or obesity
  • tobacco and alcohol use

This year the World Heart Federation is calling on moms to lead the fight against heart disease. As “gatekeepers to the home” women must look after their own heart health, as well as teach heart-healthy habits to their children to ensure the heart health of future generations. Get moving Simple changes can have a huge impact on heart health.  Whether it’s personal exercise or exercising with the kids, physical activity is a huge component of heart health. Embrace healthy eating Healthy eating can be tasty as well as nutritious. Use our daily planner to learn how to make changes that will impact your heart and your overall health, including our sample daily menu. Check out the healthy recipes featured on Choose heart healthy supplements Learn about supplements that research has shown are good for your heart, including omega-3 fatty acids and resveratrol. This Heart Health Day, don’t wait for a “magic” age to begin looking after your heart. Today’s the best time to start!



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