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Remedies For the Delicate Stomach


Graced with the misfortune of a delicate stomach and the love of travel and food-and having passed these traits on to my daughters-the mere thought of leaving home without homeopathic remedies makes me feel queasy.

Graced with the misfortune of a delicate stomach and the love of travel and food and having passed these traits on to my daughters the mere thought of leaving home without homeopathic remedies makes me feel queasy.

I have found no better, quicker, and gentler treatment for nausea and vomiting than homeopathy, whether for travel sickness, tainted food, or flu.

In homeopathy, remedies are chosen according to specific indications, using the principle that remedies must cause a similar illness in a healthy person in order to cure a sick person.

Take Ipecacuanha, for example. In conventional medicine ipecac syrup is used to induce vomiting but, as a homeopathic remedy, it works wonders for severe nausea when vomiting does not relieve nausea even temporarily and the tongue is clean and pink.

If the least movement causes severe nausea, think of Tabacum instead. The prime seasickness remedy, Tabacum works with nausea so intense that the person looks pale, sweaty, cold, and anxious. Fresh air brings temporary relief yet the patient seems to want to uncover the abdomen (a symptom not always present).

For motion sickness associated with dizziness and weakness, consider Cocculus. In this case, fresh air does not help. Nausea and vertigo may have been brought on by lack of sleep or emotional stress, as can happen from exhaustion when nursing a sick relative.

If gagging and nausea cause frustration instead of vomiting, Nux vomica will likely aid. This remedy is common when the patient feels overstuffed, overworked, or hungover. Feeling most wretched in the morning, the patient may also have cramps and constipation.

Another remedy for nausea from indigestion causing irritability is Antimonium crudum. Breads, pastries, wine, and acidic foods bring on these symptoms. The tongue has a thick white coating and hot weather aggravates.

When nausea combines with vomiting and diarrhea, consider Arsenicum album and Veratrum album, both essential for tropical holidays. Choose Veratrum when the person feels weak and cold but craves ice and lemons. Alternatively Arsenicum will soothe the after-effects of spoiled food and water. The intestines burn, but warmth helps; the person sips only small amounts of liquids and feels anxious, unable to keep still.

Whether on a road trip or close to home, remember to keep a handful of homeopathic remedies with you. By matching the signs and symptoms, you will have the means to treat the queasy stomach gently and naturally.

Other Remedies for Nausea

  • Fresh air may be a simple remedy but it works.
  • Ginger tea soothes a queasy stomach. Brew some by soaking sliced ginger root in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Carbonated drinks, especially ginger ale also help.
  • Sips of broth and diluted juice every 10 to 15 minutes prevent dehydration while vomiting.
  • Popsicles of diluted organic fruit juice will entice small children, who are most susceptible to dehydration.

How to Take Homeopathic Remedies

Take three 6C pills, hourly until nausea is better, then three times daily as needed. Always let symptoms guide you: if nausea improves, reduce or stop the remedy.



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